Painting Goethe’s Faust: Introduction to a new series

Teil 1 einer sehr interessanten Serie über Goethe’s Geschichte von Faust und dessen Abbildung in Gemälden!

The Eclectic Light Company

Narrative painters in the nineteenth century seldom painted contemporary stories, taken from the great and popular authors of that century, such as Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens, or Émile Zola. The exception to this is Goethe’s Faust, which was first published in 1808. By the middle of the century, it had acquired the status of a classic, and depictions were deemed fit for even the most academic of narrative artists.

Faust as published by Goethe isn’t a novel or epic poem, but a play written in rhyming verse. It comes in two parts: the first, which is the more familiar, was published in final form in 1828-29, and tells the story of Faust, his pact with the devil, and Faust’s lover Margarete or Gretchen (a familiar form of the name).

Part two tells of a series of fantastic adventures of Faust in five acts, which are far less well-known and seldom…

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